Dear Bureaucrat, Will a new boss let me improve things?

Dear Bureaucrat,

My boss is always telling us about his core values for our office, and how one of them is innovation. But when I want to improve how we do something, he doesn’t support me. In fact he has told me not to pursue a couple of ideas because he said he has long term plans to solve those problems. (He’s not specific about the plans.) This is one reason I’m looking to switch jobs. How can I tell whether another boss would be more supportive? I can’t just ask, “Do you support innovation?” because my current boss would say yes to that, and it’s not true.

Hedy Lamarr

Dear Hedy,

Sounds like your supervisor does not want your improvements stealing attention from his rhetoric. Research provides a clue on how to pick a next boss who does not just talk the talk…Read the rest in Federal Times: