Dear Bureaucrat, I’m frozen on the salary ladder!

Dear Bureaucrat,

I was hired as a GS-11 on a salary ladder to GS-13.  I’m currently a GS-12, and just finished my second annual performance review, with my two-year anniversary coming up in a couple months.  Even though I was rated “Exceed Expectations” both overall and in all performance categories except one (where I was rated “Outstanding”), my supervisor told me that I’m not performing at the GS-13 level, so I shouldn’t expect a promotion at the two-year anniversary.  How normal is this fact pattern, how bothered should I be, and how should I think about my next steps?

What Next?

Dear What,

Federal agencies vary in how they handle career ladder promotions. It may not be unusual in your agency to deny promotion when you first reach the required time in grade, but it is a bad sign. Do not assume everything will work out. Take action.

STEP 1. …Read the rest in Federal Times

Author: David S. Reed

David S. Reed is a public administration expert, founder of Center for Public Administrators, and a civil servant.

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