Reader response to Dear Bureaucrat, Should I worry about my annual evaluation?

An anonymous reader points out that your annual evaluations could make the difference between keeping or losing your job if your agency has a Reduction in Force:

In your article titled, “Dear Bureaucrat, should I worry about my annual evaluation?” I noticed one very important piece of information was omitted from the response to the question.  Federal employee annual performance ratings very much matter when a reduction in force occurs.  The following article states, “Employees receive extra RIF service credit for performance based upon the average of their last three annual performance ratings of record received during the four-year period prior to the date the agency issues RIF notices.”  That could be an important factor in the current federal employment environment.

According to OPM, reorganizations and furloughs can be subjected to the RIF rules, both of which are not uncommon in federal employment.

Be sure to click on the tabs within the OPM article for details such as the following:

  • 20 additional years for each performance rating of “Outstanding” or equivalent (i.e., Level V);
  • 16 additional years for each performance rating of “Exceeds Fully Successful” or equivalent (i.e., Level IV); and,
  • 12 additional years for each performance rating of “Fully Successful” or equivalent (i.e., Level III).

I think many federal employees may not be aware of this information about how their annual performance evaluations factor into RIF actions.

Author: David S. Reed

David S. Reed is a public administration expert, founder of Center for Public Administrators, and a civil servant.