Read the Dear Bureaucrat columns in Federal Times

Dear Bureaucrat, I want to be a crony!
(hint: adopt the appointee’s short time horizon)

Dear Bureaucrat, I want my job to give me rules. Am I crazy?
(hint: make some green tape)

Dear Bureaucrat, Should I worry about my annual evaluation?
(hint: build the official record that you’re great)

Dear Bureaucrat, I’m being micromanaged!
(hint: don’t surprise the boss)

Dear Bureaucrat, should I quit my job to launch a startup?
(hint: quit no, launch yes)

Dear Bureaucrat, our computer system is useless!
(hint: roll your own, even if you can’t code)

Dear Bureaucrat, my boss doesn’t reward me.
(hint: let a little crap hit the fan)

Dear Bureaucrat, should I get an MPA?
(hint: not necessarily)

Dear Bureaucrat, my job wants me to lie.
(hint: there’s the idealistic way, the popular way, or the subversive way)
The link to Wong and Gerras’ paper in the column is incorrect. The correct link is

Author: David S. Reed

David S. Reed is the public administration expert who writes Dear Bureaucrat, the advice column for people who work in the public sector, published in Federal Times.

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